Orthodontics for Children 

Correction of skeletal and dental problems at first and second phase treatments

Orthodontic treatment for children usually starts at 6 or 7 years-old during mixed dentition period. Two-phase orthodontic treatment consists of two separate times when a child receives orthodontic treatment.

The first phase of treatment (Phase I) usually occurs when the patient still has many of their primary teeth or “baby” teeth. Usually skeletal and jaw relationship problems are treated at this stage. A second phase (Phase II) takes place when the patient has most or all of their permanent teeth. Braces or other appliances may be used during the first phase of treatment.

Professor Dr. Ahmet Keleş uses his own inventions on his patients at first phase such as Keles Keyless Expander, Keles Slider or Keles Face Mask. Please click the icons below for more information on how these appliances work.


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